MindCotine is the first program to combine Virtual Reality and Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy (VR-MET) to train and empower you to quit smoking, and better yet, to avoid relapse.

Who can use MindCotine?

Anyone who wants a smoke-free life will find a place in the MindCotine community. Whether you are a smoker who wants to quit, a volunteer who has never smoked, or a mentor who already quit and wants to help others do the same, we want you to partake in this change, and will create content that is relevant to you.

What will I need to start?

MindCotine is very easy to use and you don't have to be tech savvy to try it. After receiving your kit, download the app from the Play Store or App Store, and answer a short questionnaire to determine your level of addiction. The questionnaire will help the app customize your program. You will also need access to a smartphone that can support the use of VR and the willingness to take action.

Can MindCotine ensure that I will quit smoking? Is it proven to work?

The short answer is that since smoking is an acquired habit, it can be unlearned. The combined treatment offered by MindCotine is still in the process of validation, but all of its features have been proven in similar scenarios, so we are positive that it will prove successful for the treatment of tobacco addiction as well. We are currently validating the treatment with many focus groups at universities, and smokers who are taking on this challenge.
The longer response, is that while we are confident that if you follow through with the program, you will be satisfied, we cannot ensure that you will quit smoking - we provide you with a solution, but you must practice it.
MindCotine combines technologies and techniques that, independently, have proven helpful to treat different disorders and conditions. For example, scenarios presented in virtual reality have proven successful in treating phobias, depression, PTSD, and more. Cue-exposure therapy and coping-skills training are being applied, with great results, to the treatment of alcoholism, as is group therapy, which our community platform seeks to take a step further. (please see below for details on each aspect of the therapy)..

What about my personal information?

We will use the information you provide to personalize the treatment for you, for statistical purposes, and to gather insight into the habit of smoking and the approach users take to quitting. Those are our only purposes, and we will not disclose any info to anyone without your consent. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.

¿Is my cell phone/VR headset compatible with MindCotine?

We aim at accessibility, so we are pretty sure it is, but for the complete list of cell phones compatibility please check out this link: See link

What does the kit include?

A MindCotine Kit contains the cardboard VR headset, 2 wristbands, and of course, access to the app.

How long is the program?

Each cycle is 14 days, and it should help you gradually lower your intake of nicotine until you quit smoking completely. If it didn't help you commit to quit by the end of the first two weeks, we recommend that you go over the first cycle one more time, and then for as long as you want. Once you quit, we encourage you to become a mentor in the community, and help others quit as well.

When will I be able to use it?

MindCotine will be available in its complete form in late May 2018. Once you get the kit, you download the app and start the program!

What if I want to quit smoking right now?

If you are serious about quitting now, visit our contact page, and we will see about setting up a focus group in your nearest community center or university.

If it doesn’t help, will I get my money back?

We are very confident that MindCotine works for anyone who really wants to quit, but like any other treatment, it also depends on seeing it through. Also, we get that everyone is different. Thanks to our tracking features, the app can tell whether you have been practicing your mindfulness or not. Money will be refunded only to users who have tried the program in its entirety for at least one full cycle (14 days). Once the refund has been processed, your access to the app will be revoked, but you’ll be welcome to join back whenever you want :)

Is it safe to use VR? Are there any side effects?

While the positive aspects of VR are evident, there are always side effects to everything. The use of VR may generate in some people symptoms like a headache, and disorientation. Otherwise, you’re good to go!
What you can expect for sure are positive side effects, because the same coping skills you will be training on the app, will manifest themselves in other aspects of your life and change other behaviors for the better. Please share those changes with us!

What should I know about Psychology and VR?

Virtual reality is often described as the experience of a world that doesn’t actually exist, but we see it, rather, as the space where imagination breeds reality.
Cue exposure therapy (CET) has accompanied VR in the treatment of phobias for over 20 years, and is considered highly effective. It consists in being exposed to the source or cue that triggers an unwanted experience in a controlled environment, in such a way that allows you to become desensitized to the stimuli. Coping-skills training (CST), on the other hand, consists in re-playing the same high-risk situations, but in a way that allows you to try and train your desired response, so that you may move from an automatic reaction to a chosen response. Both are currently being used in the treatment of alcoholism with very positive outcomes, and are implemented in the MindCotine program within the controlled virtual environment.
Other cases of VR applications include an experiment set up by the GRAP Clinique in Quebec a few years back. Researchers reported that smokers learned to reroute their cravings, and substitute the motion of smoking with the motion of crushing the cigarettes after repeatedly playing a VR adventure game designed for this purpose.
More impressively, and quite unexpectedly, continuous use of VR training for outer skeletons at Duke University, resulted in patients with paralysis regaining mobility and sensibility in their limbs. We are no strangers to the power of imagination, but we were also blown away by this bit!

What should I know about Mindfulness?

Mindfulness should be our natural state of being – aware of our desires, but not slaves to them. We should be present in the moment, focused when we work, confident when we speak, yet at ease when we are quite, disciplined when we exercise, and comfortable when we sleep… In short, we should be undisturbed by the noise outside, while choosing to be present in our lives. But… if it is natural, why is it so hard? Well, we believe that inner stability and equanimity, like many other things, are a matter of practice, and just like smoking, practice is a habit we can acquire. As a matter of fact, research from Yale University shows that smokers who engaged in the routine practice of mindfulness, reported a diminished desire to smoke. And when you think about it, it makes sense, the habit is hard to quit, but desire is what is really hard to curb.

What should I know about the Community?

We live in symbiosis with our environment and those we share it with. It’s just how we’re born. Smoking may be an individual habit, but it was acquired in a social environment, and can therefore be broken with the help of our peers. By choosing to quit with MindCotine, you will be joining a community of people who share the vision of a smoke-free life and a healthier world.
Our community is driven by non-judgmental support for the sake of mutual learning, and it is a place where you can share the insights of your process, as will those around you. There will not only be people who are engaged in the process of quitting, but also those who have succeeded in doing so, and even volunteers who support the cause. Oh, and soon enough, we will introduce a smart and interesting AI, to provide you with relevant content as well.

How does MindCotine innovate?

MindCotine is already an innovative program that combines the latest advances in VR technology and biofeedback, with millenary mindfulness practices and meditation techniques, as well as the latest in cue-exposure therapies and coping-skills training. Beyond that, we are committed to helping people heal their minds and bodies through practice and discipline. The team will permanently feed the MindCotine community with the latest research and updates as well as new challenges.

Got any business questions?

Write us! We’ll be glad to answer anything you need!.