Meet the Team

  • We are a team of young entrepreneurs, motivated by the prospect of a better life and general well-being. To achieve this, we must face challenging realities and statistics, but we believe that collaboration with a group of committed individuals can empower people to improve their own quality of life, and we want to start with ourselves.

  • Cristian Waitman

    Cristian is a virtual reality and digital media entrepreneur. The two companies he co-founded before Mindcotine, DreamoVR and Speed Wagon Online Marketing, have satisfied a variety of customers, from MTV to UBER, and even the UN, who sponsored the creation of VR content to convey the precarious living situation of people in the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

    His talent and passion for the positive application of technology on a global scale, have brought him to work not only social but also on environmental projects, such as the Coral Restoration Project – a VR program to encourage Mexican citizens and government officials to participate in the protection and restoration of the Mexican seabed habitat. His next objective is to tackling addiction with the latest developments in VR.

  • Nicolas Rosencovich

    Nicolas is a biomedical engineer. He graduated top of his class, and soon after developed the Neurotest ACST – an electronic adaptation device to aid the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (a neuropsychological evaluation of frontal lobe disorders). In 2013, this nifty device received the INNOVAR Award for Academic Innovation, and it pinpointed his first technological contribution to the field of neurosciences.

    His life and work have taught him that democratization of health can only be achieved by applying technology’s exponential growth to the betterment of people’s lives. His technological developments have yielded significant improvement in the Argentinean public healthcare system. His latest developments at Mindcotine target the seamless integration of technology, biology, and mindfulness.

  • Emilio Goldenhersch

    Emilio has combined several successful commercial practices with a specialization in fractal psychology. He is a long-time Vipassana and equanimity practitioner, and he recently completed the Capra Course on systemic thinking. This reflects his flexible nature, as well as his ability to find balance in seemingly contradictory occupations for the sake of a defined purpose – to grow as a person, and help those around him grow too.

    His understanding of the intricate connections between mind and body, between people and their community, and between individuals, communities, and environments, allow him to understand the skills required to cope with the cravings for smoking, and the importance of peers in a smoker’s recovery. Today, he is developing the community infrastructure necessary to teach the practice of mindfulness and equanimity to smokers and empower them towards freedom.


    Jean Goldi Horta (CKO) joined the team recently. She is a Philosophy Graduate from Tel Aviv University, with a particular interest in the metaphysics of the mind, and the inner-workings of cognition and language. In her thesis, she proposes a model in which imagination, such as is triggered in our VR simulations, is one of the main faculties involved in the bestowal of meaning upon human experience. She is currently conducting independent research on the impact of digital technologies on our perceptual structures, while working with several digital platforms, including AskWonder and HitRecord. She manages knowledge practices within the team, and facilitates coordination and communication within and without.