Backed By Science And Certified In The Field.

MindCotine is the first ever virtual reality smartphone based intervention for smoking cessation in the world. Supported by research and used by thousands in 20 different countries. 

Based On Randomized Controlled Trials And Research.

MindCotine’s VR-MET showed 33% efficacy rate during trials, and 45% of users that didn’t quit reduced their consumption by half. These results are equivalent to 4X more efficacy than traditional smoking cessation treatments like NRTs.

Virtual Reality Influences Feelings & Behaviors

Virtual Reality provides alternative sensory inputs that create a new reality in the brain.

The brain adapts by creating new mental models based on Virtual Reality immersive experiences, impacting behaviors, emotions and physical feelings.

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We are leading the remote Virtual Reality for behavioral change field, and we are always open to a meaningful conversation for collaboration.

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